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All members and visitors attending courses arranged by the Mid-Essex Guild of Weavers, Spinners and Dyers (MEG WSD) do so entirely at their own risk. MEG WSD will use their best endeavours to ensure a safe environment, but will not accept any liability under any circumstances.

November Workshop;

Trisha Roberts gave a well attended workshop on ‘weaving small bags’ this month.  This was warping up in a special way on a piece of card so that you could make a ‘no sew bag’.

You weave the weft round the front and the back of the car d continuously then just slip the top warp off the card and voila!  But you need to see this to understand the technique. See pic below note how the top warps are wrapped around the slot and then go down the same side.   Hope to have some pics of finished bags soon.

December workshop;

Another worksjhop by Trisha; Christmas wreaths.  A lovely idea, pics on the Gallery page and some of the finished bags from last months workshop.